Work Experience

  • Hello There AB – 3D and Technical Artist – 2012-Present
  • Junebud AB – 3D Artist & Scripter – 2011-2012
  • Annette Nielsen (Personal Business) – Freelance 2D & 3D Artist – 2011
  • Högskolan i Skövde – Web designer – 2011
  • theSoil – 3D Artist – 2009-2010 (outsourced to Junebud AB and Upper First)
  • SköSex – Club & Pub Personnel (Bartender, Bouncer, Wardrober…) – 2009-2010
  • Skogsvikens Hotell och Pensionat AB – Cleaner – 2008
  • Ventelo AB – Customer Service – 2007



  • Svenska Designpriset 2015 Device – Smarttelefon – Kung Fury – Street RageWinner!
  • BAFTA Ones To Watch Award 2011 – Winner!
  • Micro Studio category in Develop Awards 2011 – Nominated
  • Dare to be Digital 2010 – Twang!Winner!
  • Dare to be Digital 2010 – Twang!Audience Award
  • Swedish Game Awards 2010 – Garbage GameNominated for Best Serious Game



  • Serious Games Master Programme – 2009-2010
  • Computer Game Developement – Graphics – 2005-2009 – Bachelor’s Degree
  • Computer Game Developement – Design – 2004-2005



  • Art Software: Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Luxology Modo, 3D-Coat, TopoGun, Adobe After Effects, Game Maker
  • Planning/Team tools: Trello, Hansoft, Mantis, TortoiseSVN
  • Spoken/Written Languages: Swedish, English, Polish
  • Main interests: Lowpoly modeling & texturing, art pipelines/structure and asset optimization.
  • Additional interests: Pixel-art, Video editing, Interface design, Webdesign, Game Design, WordPress, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL,
  • Basic knowledge: Simple rigging/skinning and basic animation, and some basic understanding of programming (C#).



  • 2015, Kung Fury: Street Rage – The Arcade Strikes Back (Mobile & Standalone 2D-game) – Art Director & ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~2-3 months production
    Description: An updated version of the first production with more playable characters, and a storymode complete with dialogue, voice overs and cutscenes.
  • 2015, Kung Fury: Street Rage (Mobile & Standalone 2D-game) – Art Director & ArtistMore
  • Duration: 1-2 months production
    Description: With a very tight schedule and a very small team I was the core artist as well as art director. I did most of the backgrounds, characters, effects, menu design/implementation as well as finalized the promotional material and art related meta-assets for submissions.

    The game was released on several platforms: Google Play, App Store, Steam, Playstation 4, Amazon TV

  • 2015, Educational Game (Web 2D-game) – Environment ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~2-3 weeks
    Description: Small interactive game/story for internal education. I did backgrounds and helped other artists with isometric perspective and character proportions.
  • 2015, Unannounced Game (Mobile 2D-game) – Art Director, GUI DesignerMore
  • Duration: ~2 weeks
    Description: Big project with a lot of menues and GUI elements. Big changes to the system and flow meant the existing design had to be updated, and previous art directors were unavaliable so I stepped in and made the required adjustments.
  • 2014-2015, Unannounced Game (Mobile 3D-game, Unity3D) – Artist, Stand-in ADMore
  • Duration: 2-3 months
    Description: Started out as level and props artist, but as our Art Director went on parental leave and the game was to be updated with a lot of new content I stepped in as stand-in AD and created more assets together with the other artists.
  • 2014, Taekwondo (Mobile 3D-game, Unity3D) – Voice ActressMore
  • Duration: 1 day
    Description: Did some yelling and punching!
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2014, Save A Rhino (Mobile 3D-game, Unity3D) – AnimatorMore
  • Duration: ~2 weeks
    Description: Rigged and animated animals and characters.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2014, Find a Way Soccer (Mobile 3D-game, Unity3D) – AnimatorMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 weeks
    Description: Animated all characters and some additional effects.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store, Windows Phone
  • 2014, Unannounced Project (Standalone/Web 3D-game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~2-3 months
    Description: Unannounced project.
  • 2014, Proposal Game (Standalone/Web 2D-game, Unity3D) – Artist, audio & additional scriptingMore
  • Duration: <1 month (hard to tell, sparetime project) Description: Friend of a coworker wanted to propose to his girlfriend through a game, and my coworker came to me with the idea. We worked out a storyboard together and I tried out Unity's new 2D-support for the first time. Try it here! Unity Webplayer (Requires Unity Webplayer)
  • 2014, Digital board game (Mobile 2D/3D game, Unity3D) – Concept ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1 month
    Description: Our AD set a clean, minimalistic style for this game. I concepted the rest of the game and translated it to Unity as well as animated, made effects and transitions. I’ll give more information when/if it becomes public.
  • 2013-2014, Unannouced Project (Maya & After Effects) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~8 months
    Description: Still unannounced. Will get back with more information when it is public.
  • 2013, Branäs (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D)- Concept ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 weeks
    Description: To set a style for the game, I helped out our AD with concepts and later on also assisted in art directing (mostly on the technical bits).
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2013, Avicii | Gravity (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 months
    Description: Modeling, “texturing” (mostly vertex painting), particle effects and some animations. From an artists point of a view, this was a bit of a technical challenge – but it turned out great!
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2013, Greedy Dwarf (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: A few days (in total)
    Description: Helped a friend with his game. I’ve done some of the GUI elements as well as a few effects and advice on optimization.
    Get the game on: Google Play, App Store
  • 2013, MF3 Moto (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D)- ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1 month
    Description: Modeling, texturing, particle effects and some additional animation.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2013-2014, TPS (Desktop 3D game, Unity3D)- ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~3 months? (spread out over a long time)
    Description: Did some basic modeling in the early prototype stages as well as texturing, and set up the structure for the art assets. You can see some screenshots at the Hello There Blog
  • 2013, Serla Doing Good (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1 month
    Description: Modeling, texturing, particle effects and some additional animation.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2013 (2014, exclusive version & unfinished update), Khaba (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – Artist & Level DesignerMore
  • Duration: ~3-6 months
    Description: I modeled, textured and made effects as well as optimized the level art workflow and performance. Later on I also did quite a bit of leveldesigning. If you ever play the game and happen to get stuck, it might be on one of my levels. :)
    You can buy the game at: Google Play, App Store

    In 2014 we did an exclusive version of the game where I created both promotion material as well as unique levels.
  • 2013, Cheetos App of Massive Distraction (Mobile 2D/3D game, Unity3D) – Technical ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1 week
    Description: The app was too big and I was challenged to reduce the size without changing the appearance too much. (Yes, it was successful!)
  • 2012, Zombie Potatoes (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 months
    Description: Modeled, textured, animated and made particle effects for the ingame art based on concept art. The game was updated in 2014 with more content.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2012, Volvo Transporters (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1 month
    Description: Did some additional modeling and texturing, but mostly optimization of existing art due to bad performance.
    The game is free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2012, MF3 Jetski (Mobile 3D game, Unity3D) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 months
    Description: Modeled and textured the environment as well as additional props, particle effects and some GUI elements.
    It’s free to play: Google Play, App Store
  • 2012, Unnanounced Prototype (3D iPad game – Unity) – Texture Artist & AnimatorMore
  • Duration: ~1-2 months
    Description: Animated and textured creatures and some props.
  • 2012, Tuff Tanks (3D iPad game – Unity) – Artist & ScripterMore
  • Duration: Part time 2012
    Description: Mostly optimizing existing art and scripting, but also icon drawing, concepting and creating new art: both 3D and vectorized. Since our technical artist went on vacation I had to learn a lot in a very short time to make sure the tempo was not slowed down, and assist the coders with art related issues.
  • 2011-2012, MilMo (3D browser game – Unity 3D) – Artist & ScripterMore
  • Duration: Full time 2011, Part time 2012
    Description: I started working for Junebud AB as a freelance artist after I created and organized an unofficial wikipedia site for the game ( As a freelance artist I started out with making concepts, modeling, texturing and painting icons and making small digital promotional posters, I was later hired as a 3D artist and scripter. It basically means I worked as a technical artist and also a little bit as a game designer.
    When Junebud started working on the project Tuff Tanks, a small live team was set up for MilMo. It consisted of 2 programmers, 1 community manager, 1 level designer and me. I would concept, model, texture, and sometimes rig/skin, animate and then write the art scripts as well as the server side scripting. That would include spawn points, drop rates, damage, experience points as well as NPCs, questlines and sometimes also game writing. When we wanted to add new features, I would also make GUI mockups and when we wanted to add localization support to the wordpress-based main portal website I would help out with some PHP and wordpress specific coding.
  • 2011, iCan WebdesignMore
  • Duration: 20% Part time 3 months
    Description: Web,- and Interface design for website aimed at staff at a trash collecting company.
  • 2011, Smartcaze CommercialMore
  • Duration: less than 1 week
    Description: 3D render and post-production based on requests.
  • 2010-2011, SolveIt (3D game – XNA) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 3 months
    Description: Small 3D puzzle game released on XBOX Live Indie. It was created by me and a former team mate from That Game Studiuo. I did all art, from concept to promotional material, but after I left the project there were additional bug fixes.
  • 2010, Twang! (3D game – XNA) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 10 weeks
    Description: Created during the competition Dare to be Digital 2010 with C# in a team of 1½ programmer, 1 designer, 2½ artists. My main responsibilities was art directing, concepting, texturing and creating promo material such as posters and trailers. I did also however work with particles as well as menu art, additional animation and modelling.

    It was awarded with the Dare to be Digital 2010 main award as well as the Dare Protoplay Audience Award 2010.
    Our team then won the BAFTA Ones To Watch Award in 2011 thanks to Twang!

  • 2010, The Piano Game (2D game – Game Maker)More
  • Duration: 3 weeks
    Description: Small project I created with Game Maker for a thesis. It was done in two different art styles for the sake of a test.
  • 2009-2010, Garbage Game (2D game – XNA) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 4 months, 1-3 days a week
    Description: Me and a programmer working together for a course at Högskolan i Skövde. We had an external client with ideas of their own. I did all art from concept to animation except for the particle effects.
  • 2009, Gabriel Glömmer (Video) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 3 months
    Description: Worked together with another student who created music and animated. This was a video test of a potential opening of an animated series. I did most art from modelling to rendering (exceptions from 2 characters that were already complete, and most animations). Based on Ulf Löfgren’s children’s book Gabriel Glömmer, therefore in that art style.
  • 2008, Adderas Hemligheter (2D game – Game Maker) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 3 months, 1-2 times a week.
    Description: Helped out some friends with art for their game. I made all art, from concepting to pixel-animation.
  • 2008, Aether (3D game – Ogre) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 10 weeks
    Work: School project in a big team. We were 4 artists, 2 programmers and 4 designers. I did concepting, modeling, texturing and some promo material.
  • 2007, Bombcore (2D game – DirectX) – ArtistMore
  • Duration: 5 weeks
    Work: First game project as an artist at Högskolan i Skövde. We were 3 artists, 3 designers and 2 programmers. I did 2D Sci-Fi background & foregrounds, Menues and GUI.
  • 2006, Bike & Die (3D game) – Designer/ArtistMore
  • Duration: 5 weeks
    Description: With a group of 3 designers, 3 programmers and 2 artist, this was when I realised I loved creating art. I started out as a designer but toward the end of the project I created a new art theme for this Elasto Mania lookalike. Design, Leveldesign, Communiactor, Level Art.
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